Are you hitting your sales quota by pounding the pavement and cold-calling? 

The traditional medical device sales model is an “epidemic”. Many major corporations are still relying primarily on in-person pitches and call centers. Revenue is dependent on sales reps working limited hours to earn a few big sales and recurring device rental income.  

Shift from selling benefits and features to telling stories

The promotional testimonial video format being used by all major medical device corporations highlights the human impact of products and creates an emotional connection with your brand. In automating sales by deploying video across social media and targeted advertising, the right people engage with your content -- on their own time. Avoid risking annoying your prospects through unsolicited sales calls and limiting marketing to brochures and pamphlets. 

Develop a video library

Think outside the box on how to use video across all your channels -- and stretch your marketing budget. The video shoot will be the single most expensive day of the entire production, so make the most of it. Edit a dozen or more videos from a single shoot that reaches all your audiences: 

1-3 Min Testimonials
Sell products and procedures

Product Instructional Videos
For existing users and potential customers

Procedure Explainer Videos
For patients undergoing treatment

Longer 8+ Min Videos
For live presentations to captive audiences

Short Interview Clips
For specific areas of product or service

Internal Corporate Videos
For training and new employee onboarding

We convert medical marketing to video

We provide unique solutions for medical corporations trying to meet the demand for video to bolster sales. We partner with medical sales consultants who specialize in this market and understand the landscape. We are invested in this industry through research and niche video productions specific to medical device sales.