Video for manufacturing: recruitment, training and sales

Do you struggle with filling manufacturing jobs and accommodating growth?

“It’s challenging not just to hire good, skilled workers, but it’s difficult to keep them. Manufacturers have to be a little more creative. The younger Millennials ... they’re looking for different things. They’re looking for flexible hours, they’re looking for more encouragement ... not just ‘attaboys’ but ‘help me move to the next level, provide the training.’" 

- Tim Heaton, President, Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance
“Our challenge is filling manufacturing and installation jobs. It used to be you could get workers by putting a banner up on a factory and that’s not enough anymore."

Phil Worth, Vice President of Marketing, Tuff Shed

Recruit Millennials

Use what you know about communicating to your customers to engage new hires while recruiting. Millennials are looking for flexible hours, mentorship, encouragement and the training to advance their careers. They want to see and understand the culture they are entering and how their contributions matter within the larger organization. Video attracts and hires quicker by offering a look inside a potential career environment. 

Communicate easily to specialists: a 360° perspective 

Use video for B2B communication and replace or augment white papers and technical literature with video. 

Develop a video library 

A video library maximizes your footage and budget: 

Show me your organizational culture

Sell products and services
Speak to specialists and the general public

Training for end users and employees


Produce different video formats based on the viewing context:  

1-3 min promotional testimonial videos

Recruit and inform using articles with video

15-60 sec, captioned, usually muted

Why us?

We specialize in:

  • Connecting manufacturer’s needs with employees that have the skills
  • Communicating highly technical, industry-specific language through video
  • Attracting Millennials to manufacturing job positions
  • Video training that contributes to employees required skillsets to advance into higher positions

We are invested in organizations and institutions promoting skills-based training and robust internship programs to bolster manufacturing in America.