Jesse is a third-culture American who has lived in Central America, Asia, Europe and across the United States and has traveled to over 40 countries. At age 22 he met filmmaker David Lynch who encouraged him meditate to experience greater creativity. This led to a profound shift in consciousness that, along with other readings and documentary films, encouraged him to pursue a vegetarian path. Through further research and experience Jesse eventually pursued a 100% plant-based lifestyle.

His interest in film and video began at a very young age with exposure to family home-video: a very large VHS Sony camcorder that came along many international family trips. Coupled with a fascination with recording, Jesse would spend hours capturing sounds and his own voice on his Sony cassette tape player.

Jesse works with companies that need to communicate to wider audiences through the medium of video. He helps them by listening deeply to their challenges, uses his project management expertise to design productions and creates the space to capture authentic interview conversations. He contracts additional team members to provide support with video production, aerial videography, interviewing and research. He is based in Denver, Colorado with satellite locations in Panama City, Panama, Austin, TX and Lucca, Italy.